Energy Saving Tips

The cost of living in UK has been on the rise in the past years and this can be attributed to the increase in the cost of energy. Many households are now finding it hard to cater for the cost of energy in their homes. However, there are several tips that one can put in place to ensure that they utilize energy in the most efficient way possible in their households. Climate Change and Your Home is a company based in UK and offers tips and techniques on how you can conserve energy in your homes. The following are some of the techniques that people in UK can implement especially in the construction of their houses to ensure efficient energy consumption.

  1. Insulation of your tanks and pipes

Insulation is one of the most effective ways of conserving energy. There are different materials that are used in insulations and its property must be that it does not allow energy to escape. One of the most effective ways of insulation involves the use of the British Standard Approved insulation jacket. The jackets costs about £15 which is very cheap considering that you will be saving about £45 in a year. Pretty impressive, right?


Another thing to note is that installing the jackets on your pipes and tanks is simple and no technical knowledge is required. It takes about £10 to install these insulators.

  1. Replacing your old boilers

One common way through which a lot of energy is wasted is through the use of the old boilers. It is thus a necessity to install modern boilers to help cut the cost on the energy wasted. Despite the fact that it may seem expensive to replace the old boilers with new ones, the annual savings you will make from the same is high. Statistics in UK show that using new models of boilers can save up to £300 in a year. The average cost of a new boiler is about £2000 and sacrificing for this upfront cost will go a long way in saving you annual energy costs.

  1. Insulating the rooftop

Another way that we lose energy from our households is through our rooftops. Most people construct their houses without insulating the loft which makes it prone to loose more energy thus increasing costs in our households. Climate Change and Your Home Company is specialized in offering loft insulation and other rooftop features that will help you conserve energy. It is estimated that close to a quarter of heat in our homes is lost due to failure of insulating our rooftops.

The average cost of installing insulators on your loft is about £300. Once you have the insulation in place, you are guaranteed to save up to £180 every year from your current energy costs.

Some households in UK already have insulation on their lofts but still experience loose of heat. Why? One of the major reason be due to the insulator not being in accordance with the standard thickness of 270mm. However, if you already have insulation in place that does not reach the standard, there is no need to install a new one. All you have to do is contact the technicians at Climate Change and Your Home Company & they will top up the current thickness to reach 270mm.

It should also be noted that before any loft insulations carried out, seeking the advice of an expert is key. This is because people intend to use the lofts differently and therefore the insulation should be done differently. Take for instance a loft that is to be used as a storage facility, sticking with the 270mm insulation thickness may be tricky since it will end up covering the joist thus reducing the space used to storage. Our experts can help you solve this by using the rigid insulation board’s technique.

One major problem in insulating the loft arises when the environment of the loft is damp. Our experts will ensure that they have eliminated all the damp in the loft before any insulation can take place. This practice maximizes the efficiency of the insulation in the lofts.

  1. Insulating walls

During the cold conditions, walls have been found to be a major reason for the loss of heat in UK houses. This calls for the insulation of the walls. Most of the modern buildings in UK have insulation materials already in place. Whenever you are moving into a new apartment, you need to make sure that the walls have proper insulation so that you do not end up incurring huge costs on energy. Our technicians assess the type of walls before they can install any insulation. Solid and cavity types of walls have different insulation techniques that will be effective on each one. Save on energy by ensuring your wall are properly insulated.

  • Solid walls

Solid walls release a lot of heat hen compared to the other forms of walls (cavity walls). Insulating such kind of a wall requires a lot of professionalism and that is where our experts at Climate Change and Your Home come in. Our experts have many years of experience insulating solid walls thus you are guaranteed of professional work. There are two ways in which solid walls can be insulated; internally or externally.

Internal insulation is the cheapest compared to the external one. However, since it is one on each room, the floor space is bound to reduce considerably. Climate Change and Your Home experts are experienced in this work and they will choose the appropriate form of internal installation for your house which suits not only your budget but also your house needs. The average cost for internal insulation is about £5,500. As stated earlier, external insulation is more expensive than internal insulation at an average of £9,500.

  • Brick wall pattern

People in UK always find it difficult to differentiate between solid walls and cavity walls. Insulation on cavity walls is easy because it only involves blowing the insulation material on the cavity between the cavity walls. The cost of insulation cavity walls is about £500. With this insulation on your property, you are guaranteed to save up to £140 in a year on energy cost.

  1. Floor insulation

Apart from the walls and the rooftop, the floor is also one of the ways that heat can be lost in your house. To effectively manage heat loss from your house, it is advisable that you have insulation on the rooftops, the walls and the floor. Having a floor insulation will reduce the heat lost by 15%.

The type of insulation to be installed will depend majorly on the type of floor. Timber floors require that installation of the insulators be done between the floorboards. This is achieved by lifting the floorboards. In case there is a basement, then the insulation should be one from the bottom.

Solid floors can equally be insulated although these ones require the attention of a professional. One method that the technicians at Climate Change and Your Home use to insulate your sold floors involves laying rigid insulators on the sold floors. This is then followed by laying chipboards on top rigid boards. Conventionally, solid floors are not supposed to loose a lot of heat but in cases where it does, proper insulation is the best way to go. You do not require the services of a professional to insulate your timber floors. However, in the event that you want your solid floors insulated, then it is essential that you seek the services of Climate Change and Your Home experts. With floor insulation, you can save up to £60.

Using professional Insulation Installers

Saving energy loss in your house will eventually help you save on costs. However, to realize the best installation in your house, the job should be done by a professional. There are a lot of techniques involved and getting it wrong means that you will not save any energy at all. Technicians at Climate Change and Your Home are accredited by the National Insulation Association in UK and we carry out professional services that will guarantee our client’s maximum savings in energy costs.

Closing up all draught points in your house

Windows, keyholes and fireplaces are known to be common draught points in households and they eliminate a lot of heat. Closing some of these places can save you up to £65 in energy costs. However, caution should be taken so that you do not close points that are ventilations. This is a job that a person can carry out for themselves and save costs of hiring a professional. In the event that you are not sure of what you are doing, then you need to contact Climate Change and Your Home experts who will help you carry out this task. Our company offers the best equipment’s for draught proofing that can be easily installed.

Using double glazed windows will also help you to conserve heat in your house. This is one of the most effective ways as an alternative for closing the draughts. With the double glazed windows, you can save £170.

There are a lot of way that you can conserve energy in your home. Turning off some of the electrical equipment’s after use will save you £85 in a year. It is also advisable that you purchase appliances that use little energy. Most of the modern household electrical equipment’s are designed in such a way that they consume less energy thus saving the consumer on excess costs. This is also the case with the light bulbs. Most of the loss is done when the plugs are left on even when the appliance is not being used. Reducing the air conditioner in our houses can also go a long way in saving us energy costs.

You do not have to loose a lot of money on energy anymore. Climate Change and Your home are here to help you design your house in an energy-saving manner. We have specialists that are well trained and experienced in installation of the insulators in households in UK. Our company is accredited by the National Board & this is a guarantee that you will receive the best quality work from us. We deliver quality work custom to suit the households of our clients.

Our installation rates are quite competitive and we are known all over the world from the quality of our work. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our work at all times. We also offer consultative work to our clients. You can always contact us through our email or make a direct call and talk with our experts. They are always online to assist you.

Climate Change and Your Home is here to help people in UK save as much as possible on their energy costs. The little things that we tend to ignore in our households are the ones that make us incur a lot of costs in energy loss. Contact us today and experience the best services.