How to Cheaply Insulate Your Home

Living in UK especially during the winter can prove to be a costly undertaking in terms of the charges you will incur on energy. However, this should not be the case as you could insulate your home to trap more heat inside. There are a number of ways that you could insulate your home or apartment and keep it as warm as possible. The first step is ensuring that you have identified the draught points in your house. Windows and doors are the most common since we all want them big for lighting. At Climate Change and Your Home, we strive ensure that our clients in UK can save their energy cost through simple practices such as insulating their homes. We have a team of well trained and experienced experts who will guide you through the different techniques. Most of the practices can be done by the client themselves. The following are some of the ways through which you can keep your house warm through insulation when you are on a budget.

Insulating your windows

Single glazed windows are known to bring in a lot of cold. Double glazing your windows is the solution for this. The cheapest way to double glaze your windows involves placing a thin layer of plastic film on the frames of the window. Sometimes wrinkles can appear after you have placed the plastic fill. However, a hair sprayer can be used to eliminate them. Our company offers the window fills at a cost of between £5- £10. Sometimes using professional double glazing can be expensive to clients and that is why they can use this technique on their windows. It is effective and keeps your house warm at all times.

Closing your windows

This looks rather a simple technique but it can save a lot of heat from getting lost in your house. Keeping doors shut will prevent heat from escaping at any time. You can also ensure that all the gaps on the frames of the doors closes the escape points. You can use a sprayer or tapes to cover this parts. You can also use fabrics to clos these points. It’s all about getting the right design that will fit your door and help prevent heat loss. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to design a draught excluder for yourself. You don’t need a professional for this. Make it a habit of closing all your windows during the night and you will trap a lot of heat in your house.

Using curtains

Curtains are the most effective ways of ensuring that your windows and doors are not draught points. Using thick curtains will prevent any heat from escaping through the windows. Apart from being insulators, curtains bring a feeling of the house being cozy. You don’t have to spend money on buying new curtains since you can create your own curtains with thermal linings. All your windows, and even doors, should be covered in curtains. This is a sure way to ensure that you have enough heat in your house in the cheapest way possible. Curtains are also affordable and can be obtained in different retail stores in UK in different designs and patterns.

Insulation schemes

The government is trying to ensure that the energy people use are consistent with energy requirements. Therefore, it has rolled out a scheme to help people insulate their homes for free. However, the beneficiaries must be able to meet criteria in terms of where they live. These scheme also comes with replacement of old boilers with new ones since the old models tend to consume a lot of energy.

We always help our clients to research on the latest energy saving freebies to which they can register. Some of the other benefits that you could get from these schemes include cavity walls insulations and even lost insulations. This can save you up to £300 in yearly energy bills. There are many programs out there some of which are not from the government.


Sometimes your radiators may not be as effective as they are supposed to be in terms of creating the warmth that is required. One problem that could have resulted to them being inefficient include air being trapped inside. A process called bleeding is used to let out all the air that might have been trapped inside the radiator. When air is trapped inside the radiator, they tend to become cooler and inefficient when being used. You can also change your regulators in the event that they get damaged and don’t work efficiently. There are new appliances that use less energy.

Proper regulation of the thermostat

Reducing the thermostat by even a single degree will save you up to £75 in a year on your energy bills. It is therefore necessary to always adjust your thermostat regularly to make sure that you can save on some energy. Mastering your thermostat will go a long way in ensuring that you save as much energy as possible. It is a technique that does not also require any professional attention. After you have learnt how to adjust the thermostat over time it will be normal for you and thus you will be paying less on your bills. You should also ensure that your family members are well educated on how to regulate the thermostat for purposes of saving electric energy.

Closing other draught cold spots in your house

These include cracks on walls and floors. It is cheap to correct them since you can just plaster over the crack area. It is fairly cheap. The floors can be covered using thick rags when there are cold spots on it. Using large rugs that can completely cover the floor area will ensure no heat is absorbed by the floor. This is one of the cheapest methods since the rags can easily and affordably acquired. Care should however be taen to ensure that ventilations are not closed as this may prove tragic. If you’re not sure of the draught spots in your house, it is best to consult the services of our professionals so that you get it right.

Changing your energy provider

There are over a hundred energy providers in UK. Sometimes switching from your current energy provider to another can prove to be affordable in the long run. There are a number of energy providers in UK and you just need to do a survey and make a comparison of their costs. Do not allow to be tied on one single energy provider since there may be a better deal out there waiting for you. At Climate Change and Your Home, we will help you find the best deals in energy. It takes less than a single month to switch from one supplier to another. You will end up saving a lot of money once you settle with the cheapest provider. Switching between suppliers in an annual basis is the best practice that you can use. This is especially if your current supplier is not making an effort to give you a good deal.

There are different flexible policies that you can get from new suppliers which are cheaper. However, before you switch from one supplier to another, you need to make sure that you have all the current information with you. The new supplier will use these information to determine which energy framework you will require. There are a number of ways that you can find out about the best energy suppliers in UK.

Our company offers the best consultation services and other energy saving tip to clients in UK and from all over the world. It is unbelievable the amount of money that you could save from just implementing these simple steps in your house. Our rates are also affordable and we have an objective of making sure that energy bills are as affordable as possible to citizens in UK. If you are looking for the best ways to insulate your house and save pennies on your energy bills, feel free to contact us through our email or give us a call and speak with our technicians. Our lines are always open and our personnel are always available to assist our clients.