Tips on How to Save Electricity and Gas Cost in Your Household

If you ask any citizen in UK how much their energy bills costs in a year, you will be surprised by the high amount. However, there are many ways though which people can save a lot of money on the bills they incur on electricity and gas. In order for you to start saving on these costs, you first of all need to know how much you are spending. It only takes about 20 minutes to check on your bills. After determining the actual cost you spend on these bills, you can then start using some of the techniques Climate Change and Your Home Company has highlighted below. Our company is specialized in devising techniques that will help people in the UK save on energy costs.

Changing your energy suppliers

Has it ever occurred to you that your current energy supplier may be expensive as compared to others? Well, some of the clients we have worked with had completely no knowledge of the costs of sourcing energy from other suppliers aside from their current ones. We always advice our clients to compare the prices between energy supplier in UK and you will be amazed to find out that switching could actually save you money. Changing suppliers is usually a fast process and takes less than 20 days. All the new supplier will require from you are your bank details and more information about your energy plan, your tariff among others. Your current energy supplier can help you obtain this information if you do not have it in your possession.

Clients that have prepayment meters can equally switch to energy suppliers that have the prepayment policy. You are also required to compare the prices of these energy suppliers so that you can save yourself some money. Prepayment meters are one of the ways that you can save money since you will not spend what you do not have.

There are a number of reasons that you can refuse to have the prepayment meters such as disability and such instances as having the shops very far from your home. It is upon you as a client to choose which one best suits you.

However, it should be noted that there is also an option of shifting from a prepayment meter to a standard meter. The new supplier will just require that you pay some money to have the meter changed and that your prepayment meter should not have any arrears. Statistics show that you might save hundreds of dollars by just using a new energy supplier and a standard meter. There are better deals out there and all you have to do is consult our experts and they will help you land on one.


Paying your bill using direct debit method

This method will ensure that all your bills are paid on time and actually save you money. Delaying on payments usually results in increased bills and some penalties which you can eliminate using the direct debit method.

Consuming less electricity and gas

Well, this is the most obvious way to save on your bills. There are lots of techniques that you can use to consume much electricity as possible and this will consequently lower your bills. It just requires discipline and care on how you are using your appliances.

House insulation

House insulation ensures that less heat is lost from your house. There are a number of techniques that our experts will help you with on insulating your house. Less heat loss from your house means that you will use less energy and your bills will be lower. The use of solar panels will also save you the electricity costs in your house. It is also advisable that you replace your old boilers with new ones since old boilers consume a lot of energy.

Turning down the thermostat

One of the highest consumption of electricity in UK homes comes from the use of the thermostats especially during the winter periods. As much as there is need to use them, reducing them by a slight margin can help you save hundreds of dollars. According to our experts, reduction of thermostat by even a degree can save up to £55 in a year. It is thus necessary that we turn them down, or rather off, when they are not required. Making this a regular practice will cut energy costs tremendously.

Turning off lights when they are in use

Most of the techniques on how you can save on your bills lies on the simple things such as switching the lights off when you are not using them. This is a culture that you need to propagate to your family members so that the positive results can be achieved.

Boiling water

There are some instances when we are tempted to boil more water than we actual need. This ends up consuming more energy which results to increased costs. If you want to make a cup of tea, then you need to just boil enough water that will cater for that cup of tea. Boiling excess water mean that more energy will go to waste as you will not use all the water.

Replacing light bulbs with energy saving ones

Currently, there are energy saving bulbs which consume less energy. Replacing your old ones with these ones will help you cut down on your electricity bills. They light up with the same energy yet consume less electricity. Another advantage is that they are cheaper that the conventional light bulbs. You can get them at any local store in UK. With the energy saving bulbs in use, you are guaranteed to save up to £55 in a year from each bulb.

These regular practices will help you save electricity and gas usage in your house. You just have to ensure that you have reduced usage as much as possible and replaced some of the old appliances with new ones. House insulation also maintains heat in your home saving you costs from thermostats and drinking tea to keep warm.

Climate Change and Your Home also offers solar panel installation services to households in UK. The use of solar panels and other renewable sources of energy is becoming common in UK and you should not miss out on this great milestone of saving on bills. Our experts will help you settle on the best solar panel system that suits your home.

Some of these energy conservation techniques start paying back within a year and it is a great way to save energy. You can start by checking your house what energy requirements it requires ad which adjustments to make. Our experts will be more than willing to help you out in this sector. Once we have done the assessment, we will provide you with a conclusive report that shows the major areas that needs adjustments in order for you to start saving on your electricity bills.

There are two types of tariffs that you could use; fixed energy tariff and variable rate energy tariff. One unique advantage of the fixed energy rate tariff is that price hikes will never affect you at any point since you will only be paying your fixed rate. However, in the event that the prices are lowered, you might end up paying more money compared to a person using the variable rate tariff. The rates of the variable tariff depends on the energy market. This means that if the market prices drop you will end up paying lower rates and this is the same when the market prices increase.

Do not settle in paying more on your electricity bills. Implement these tips and start paying lower gas prices than you have ever imagined. We have a team of dedicated personnel that will help you choose the energy plan which will work for you. Our services are approved by the energy board in UK and our prices are very affordable as compared to that of our competitors. You can also contact us today and get consultation services on how to conserve your energy. You will be amazed by how some simple practices can help you save hundreds of pounds in gas and electricity bills. Our company will help you all the way to ensure that you save more energy while still carrying out your daily. You can send us an email or give us a direct call and speak with our specialists on matters concerning how to save energy and electricity bills. We are a company dedicated to offering high quality services to all our clients not only in UK but all over the world.