The Fashion Industry Makeover: 6 Changes We’ll See In The Future

The fashion industry constantly changes. In the words of Heidi Klum in Project Runway, in fashion, “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” Being in this industry requires innovation and the ability to adapt to changes. Otherwise, you will be behind the game. Here are six changes and trends we can expect to see in the fashion industry in the future.

  1. Artificial intelligence will play a significant role

Artificial intelligence will have an outsized role in the industry. Fashion designers usually predict what people will patronise. They might be right or wrong. AI will help predict a more accurate result. By collecting data from many people, it’s easier to determine the upcoming trends. Designers will use this information to create pieces that people will buy. It’s the same process that advertisers use. They collect data from Internet users and use it to decide how to target the right audience.

  1. Novel fabrics will be huge

Everyone understands that the current fabric sources are unsustainable. Leather, for instance, won’t be around forever. Animal skin also got banned in several places across the world to protect endangered animals. Therefore, novel fabrics will be popular in the future. People will find new materials to help sustain the demand for clothing.

  1. Quality fabric will be the priority

More people will consider fabric quality when deciding what to buy. Denim material will stay popular, and people won’t mind spending more if it means they can cherish their clothing for a long time. Designers will also avoid producing clothes en mass if it sacrifices product quality.

  1. Digital clothing will rise

We already have smartphones, smart TVs and smart refrigerators. Soon, we will see smart clothing too. It will include digital capabilities and multi-functional designers. You can also buy responsive sportswear and activewear. Modern technology will continue dominating the market, and it will penetrate the fashion industry.

  1. More e-commerce platforms

Shopping for designer brands isn’t only about buying the perfect item. It’s about the experience. Entering the store and trying out different products is part of the journey. Purchasing and paying the price is worth it because they get the whole experience. However, brick and mortar stores are dwindling. There are more online stores these days, and this trend will stay. There will be more e-commerce platforms in the future. The competition will be stiffer. Top clothing brands will ensure that loyal buyers will feel like they entered the physical store even if they only purchased the products online. Websites will also be more interactive.

  1. Responsible fashion will be a priority

The clothing industry is one of the biggest waste producers around the world. Tons of clothes are produced each day. Some of them end up in the hands of buyers, while others don’t. New clothes are thrown out, and it’s a huge waste. There’s a clamour to make the industry more responsible. Since it’s becoming a big deal, more companies will be responsive to the call.

You will see these changes in the industry, and you can always expect to see more.