Sustainable Orangeries

There is no doubt that having an orangery extension on your home can vastly improve the value of the property, as well as enhance your living space.

There is, however, one thing that is better than having your own orangery and that is having your own sustainable orangery.

Ultimately, we live in a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent and, therefore, if you are thinking of having an orangery extension on your home, then why not make it a sustainable orangery?

Here are a few tips on how to build a sustainable orangery (or perhaps even adapt your existing one to be more sustainable!):

Consider where you build your new orangery

Ultimately, replacing your garden trees with an orangery is not a sustainable way to build your new extension. Where possible, you could consider building on more empty spaces of land, perhaps where you have old patio in your garden, for example. If you do end up having to cut down trees, then you could use the wood as fuel for your wood burning stove or open fire, or give the wood away to be re-used.

Install solar panels

If your orangery is south facing, then you may indeed be able to install solar panels on the roof. Of course, you will need to seek professional advice, however, solar energy is a sustainable and renewable form of energy and, therefore, if you can install it in your orangery, then you can make your extension, and your house, more sustainable.

Make sure your windows are double-glazed

Double-glazing is a much more energy-efficient type of glazing than single-glazing and will help your orangery be more sustainable, for a really stunning look go for luxury timber windows. There is no proven research suggesting that triple-glazing makes a better return on investment (ROI) than double-glazing, although, you may opt for triple-glazing where possible.

After all, an orangery generally features a significant amount of glass and therefore the more insulating the glass, the better for the overall efficiency of the room.

Opt for energy-efficient lighting

In the winter months, you will probably rely heavily on artificial lighting and, therefore, it is a much more sustainable option to choose energy-efficient LED light bulbs over standard bulbs.

Install an internal door

An internal door can offer an additional way to save heat. It can also be used to separate your orangery from the rest of your home. This means that you can save energy in heating your extension, if it does tend to lose vast amounts of heat.

Draft proof for external door

If your orangery has an external door, then you may want to draught proof the door so that you lose as little heat as possible. This means that you will require less energy to heat the room since less energy will be lost to the outdoors.

As you can see, there are many ways to ensure your orangery is as sustainable as possible, therefore you can indulge in a new-build and new orangery extension, without being too destructive to our planet.