How to Effectively Utilize Your Energy Monitor

An energy monitor come in handy when you want to cut down on the cost of energy in your household. Many people in UK are using the energy monitors to identify the points where they are losing energy in their houses and taking appropriate action. The purpose of an energy monitor is not to necessarily cut you electricity cost rather to show you points where you can save on the same. According to study done in UK in 2014, the use of the energy monitor could save you up to £75 in yearly annual costs. The devices are meant to make the user understand how their electricity bills come about and if there is any possibility of lowering it. However, in order to realize the most from this devices, there are some tips that you need to follow.

  1. Pick an energy monitor that suits you best

There are different types of energy monitors that have different features. At Climate Change and Your Home, we advise our clients to choose a device that has features they find convenient. The energy monitors include a static monitor, one which is battery operated and has a display or an online operated one which is compatible with the smartphones or laptops that we use. You can also opt to use an energy monitor that incorporates all these features. Our experts will advise the client on the best features that suits them during the purchase of these energy monitors. The nature of how the information I relayed to the client also plays a great part on the type of energy monitor that you choose. They are considerably the same in operation except for a few features.

  1. Checking on your energy usage

Once you have settled on the best energy monitor to use, it is then time to put it into proper use. The first step is usually to get its reading when all the electrical appliances in the house are put off. The recording that you get will be the minimum energy consumption in your house. After that, you can start operating the appliances one by one and getting the reading from each. You can get the reading from any appliance in the house using the portable energy monitors. However in the case of the energy monitors that are connected to the main power, you will have to plug it in every room you go to. There are different models of the battery powered units that you could choose from, one that suits all your needs.

You should also settle on an energy monitor that gives feedback in the shortest time possible. The fastest devices usually take only 2 seconds to remit information from the transmitter to the display. This saves you time to assess your usage around the whole building or household.

  1. Acting to reduce your electricity usage from the data collected

After getting all the information about how your appliances are using electric energy in your house, the next step is acting on these results. What do we mean? It means that you need to change the habits on how you are using each appliance. The purpose of carrying out all these is to ensure that you cut down on the usage of electricity.

One of the most effective ways of doing so is replacing the appliances that use the most energy with the latest models that save on energy. Some of the light bulbs use a lot of energy and replacing them with energy savers will help you a lot. It is good to do a research on the cost of the appliances that save on energy because there are a lot of them in the market at the moment. Some of the energy monitors come with instructions on what you can do to reduce the wastage on energy in some of the appliances. These energy monitors are effective in showcasing the points that might be costing you the energy.

You can also reduce the time that you use the appliances and eliminating light bulbs that are not needed at the moment. Many people are also checking the instructions on how to operate some of the appliances such as the kettles and washing machines in a manner that can save some energy.

  1. Let everyone know how they can help in saving energy

After you have identified the loopholes and techniques of reducing the energy wasted, the best step after that is involving everyone in the house on how they too can sort out the issue. If everyone in the house is saving energy, you will incur less cost during yearly. You can start by explaining the results of the energy monitor and how effectively they can minimize the loss. The readings in these monitors can easily be understood by everyone including children. Just explain to them that if the reading on the display is going higher than the standard amount, then they need to turn off some of the appliances.  The advantage with these monitors is that some of them have alarms which will signal you once your daily limit has been exceeded. Introducing this culture in your home will guarantee you les energy usage.

  1. Occasional monitoring of the energy usage

In order to achieve the objective of saving more energy costs in a year, it should be a consistent practice to check and regulate your usage. Many people carry out the checks only once during installation of the energy monitors and then forget about it all together. Regular use of these monitors might show variation between days and you can use this data to check if there is another point of energy loss you might have missed. Our experts also advise that it is good to keep records of each daily energy usage so that you can easily keep track of it. Yu can opt to record the information on a weekly or monthly basis. Another reason of keeping this information is also because your energy supplier might need it when making repairs in your house. Online operated monitors are the best in this case since all the data will be stored in your computer and can be shared.

At Climate Change and Your Home we believe that there are different adjustments you can carry out in your house to help in the conservation of energy. In order to find out which ones, you need to employ the use of the energy monitors. These devices will guide you in the best way possible and our technicians are always available to help you interpret the data from the recordings. Our experts offer consultation on energy saving to clients in UK and from all over the world. Our rates are client friendly and the quality of our work speaks for itself. Get in contact with us today and experience services like no other. It is time that we cut costs on the energy that we consume in our households, and to do that, you need the services of an expert. Climate Change and Your Home are the right solutions for you. We offer our services all round the clock to the satisfaction of our clients.