Somerset Skip Hire Services by Skip Hire Somerset

Our skip hire services company, Skip Hire Somerset offers a full range of services in Somerset. Our clients in Somerset are given the proper skip hire service, no matter the magnitude of the problem. Our services are directed to commercial and residential clients.
We undertake complete waste removal to ensure that the property is totally cleaned up and ready for occupation quickly. We work with all Somerset clients to help them to enjoy a healthy environment with our l skip hire operations in Somerset. Our skip hire service aids clients who are carrying out remodels or have just purchased a new home in maintaining the cleanliness of the property. Some of the skip hire services we offer –

General Waste Removal

  • Excess rubbish
  • TV Sets
  • Fauna
  • Plastic Materials
  • Paint Trays
  • Wood
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Gas Canisters
  • Motor Vehicle Tyres
  • Medical or clinical debris and waste

Somerset’s Company Skip Hire Services

  • Area Confirmed
  • This is an Ecofriendly Business
  • References Checked
  • We are Insured with Public Liability Coverage
  • We Hold a Valid Waste Carrier License

Construction Debris and Junk Removal

This covers removal of all bi-product at construction sites.

Disposal of solid waste, such as demolition rubbish

  • bricks and brick pieces
  • floor and wall tiles
  • Sheetrock
  • Steel for Construction Use
  • Concrete by-products
  • Rocks
  • Fertilizer
  • dishes
  • Scrap Metal

Compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations, which dictate proper disposal of hazardous and toxic materials

  • Toxic chemicals
  • used oil
  • Alkaline products
  • old batteries
  • Chemicals from industry
  • Harmful pesticides
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Materials that are contaminated
  • Old Appliances

Skip Hire for Commercial Clients in Somerset

Skip hires services can assist clients in disposing of waste materials after a large project on their property. Commercial clients including landowners, contractors, and local authorities are provided with skip hire services to dispose of waste after a construction project or major home repair. Our rubbish disposal is such that the surrounding environment remains unaffected, which are clients can feel good about in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

Skip Hire for Emergencies

We have worked hard to build our skip hire business on fast response times and quick delivery of service. Emergency situations call for fast response times and we work to return our clients’ space to a clean and orderly condition. The skip hire services that we deliver are often based on time constraints set by our client’s needs.

What Our Clients Experience due to our Endorsement as a Climate Change in Your Home Skip Hire Service –

Skip Hire Services should be completed with environmental considerations in mind. We are a fully endorsed member of Climate Change in Your Home and that means we offer our clients –

  • Ecofriendly Waste Disposal – We help our clients reduce their carbon footprint or impact on the environment. We are able to find ways of recovering or recycling more than 80% of the waste or have them disposed of in ways that ensure little or no impact on the environment.
  • Careful Rubbish Removal-Elimination of personal health or environmental risks due to waste materials is our promise as a member of the Climate Change in Your Home.
  • We have different types of skips available for removing all materials in the most cost effective way.
  • We Are Who We Say We Are – Not only is our location verified, we have been confirmed to provide the ecofriendly skip hire services we offer.

Companies sometimes boast skip hire services, when in actuality, they’re contractors. Companies that boast nationwide skip hire services are a red flag. Usually these are actually outsourced local skip hire firms curated by a waste management firm. We are a truly local service and provide environment friendly, bespoke skip hire services to our clients here in Somerset.
We have all the certifications – Our Waste Carrier License is verified with the Somerset Environment Agency. This means that when it comes to safe and customer specific skip hire services in Somerset we are fully certified. We also have public liability insurance to guarantee that we can address any loss to our clients that we are directly responsible for, where applicable.

Somerset’s Craig Barnes Skip Hire Services Guarantee

Service Integrity – Our skips don’t come with detailed adjustments. Our service is built on honesty and is focused on serving the best interests of our clients.
Safety Guaranteed – From waste collection through transportation to disposal, every care is taken to ensure human safety. We’ve devised a “level fill” policy in which trucks are not overflowing with waste, to prevent spilling and harming passersby. Certain companies would use a policy such as this one to add more trips but we always ensure our skips are the right size and we are honest.
Compliance Guaranteed – We always conform to local authority regulations. The Somerset council prohibits the use of skips larger than 8 yards on public highways and we always keep to the rules.
Honest Service – Even though Skip Hire uses professional jargons such as cubic yards and builder’s skip, we always provide a honest service that our customers understand. We work hard at Craig Barnes to explain all terms clearly to clients so that they know exactly what they are paying for and what the requirements are. We help clients by letting them know which skip is best for their specific situation.
Quick Skip Hire Service – All our skip hire services are delivered with speed and efficiency. There is no charge or special scenario for quick service. Our clients’ safety is always a priority, no matter the length or magnitude of the project.
Our prices come at a fair rate and are spelled out clearly for customers. Regardless of the size of the waste, we make sure our customers benefit from low costs. Our pricing is direct so clients know what they’re paying for. Reach out to us at Skip Hire Somerset via phone, email, or online at for more details about planning your service.

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