Skip Hire Tower Hamlets Skip Hire Services in Tower Hamlets

Skip Hire Tower Hamlets provides skip hire services in Tower Hamlets in a completely professional and thorough manner. We provide skip hire services of any scope and scale to our clients in Tower Hamlets. Both residential and industrial clients benefit from our services.
We offer fast, non-invasive and complete rubbish disposal so that living quarters can return to normal. As a skip hire company operating in Tower Hamlets, we can deliver to any client location here in Tower Hamlets quickly and help to restore the space to a clean and healthy environment. So, whether a client has just moved house or is carrying out a major construction project, we will provide a skip hire service that helps them restore and maintain the safety and hygiene of their property. Some of the skip hire services we offer –

Standard Waste Disposal

  • Household garbage
  • TV Sets
  • Plants
  • Plastic materials
  • Used paint tins
  • Wood debris
  • Outdated appliances
  • Gas Containers
  • Auto Tyres
  • Sanitary/Medical Waste

Skip Hire Tower Hamlets Skip Hire Services in Tower Hamlets

  • Area Confirmed
  • This Business uses Ecofriendly practices
  • Consulted References
  • Insurance for Public Liability Checked
  • Rubbish Transport License Endorsed

Construction Debris and Junk Removal

The waste includes everything that is produced from the construction site.

All types of solid waste resulting from demolition –

  • Stone
  • Ceramic
  • drywall
  • Leftover steel from construction
  • Concrete by-products
  • Boulders
  • Dirt
  • Ceramics
  • Scrap Metal

We Dispose of the Following Waste and Comply with the Hazardous Waste Regulations Act

  • Acids
  • Toxic Oils
  • Alkaline products
  • Batteries
  • industrial chemical materials
  • Harmful pesticides
  • Products relating to pharmaceutical needs
  • Toxic materials
  • Refrigerator appliances

Skip Hire Services for Tower Hamlets Commercial Clients

Sometimes skip hire services are needed outside of business hours or if a large project has been undertaken recently. We offer skip hire services to commercial clients including contractors, landowners and local authorities, offering waste removal of any scale and frequency. Our environment friendly waste management methods also helps our clients in their efforts to reduce their impact on the environment.

Emergency Cases for Skip Hire

We have worked hard to build our skip hire business on fast response times and quick delivery of service. In emergency cases, we’re dedicated to working even faster than usual and afterwards ensure our workspace has been returned to a clean, functional living space. In other words, we aim to deliver skip services according to the time schedule outlined to us by our client.

What Our Clients Can Expect from our Climate Change in Your Home Endorsed Skip Hire Services –

We believe skip hire services should be completed with regard for the environment. Being an endorsed member of Climate Change in Your Home, we are guaranteed to help our clients in the following ways –

  • Environmentally Conscious Waste Removal – We aid our clients in minimizing their environmental impact. We’ve managed to cut back or recycle waste up to 80 % to minimize the effect on the environment.
  • Complete Removal of Waste – We take our membership in Climate Change in Your Home seriously and we provide our guarantee that each skip hire service we provide will fully remove any environmental or health risk that the waste materials may have caused.
  • We have a variety of skips to suit any waste removal job in an affordable manner
  • We Are an Honest Company – You can easily verify our location and we offer ecofriendly skip hire services.

There are certain companies that call themselves skip hire services but in reality they are contractors. This is especially true for companies that claim nationwide skip hire services. Usually these are actually outsourced local skip hire firms curated by a waste management firm. Our service is completely local and we offer environmentally friendly and completely personal skip hire services to our Tower Hamlets clients.
All staff come certified-We’re certified with a Waste Carrier License procured through the Tower Hamlets Environmental Agency. We are totally certified to offer customer specific and totally safe skip hire services in Tower Hamlets. We come equipped with public liability insurance to ensure responsibility for any loss we may cause our client, as it applies on a case by case basis.

The Tower Hamlets Louis Moore Promise of Skip Hire Services

Candor with Each Skip – We will never charge more money than we quote or add extras to your bill. Our business is based on integrity and we work hard to serve our client’s needs.
We are Very Careful – it does not matter if we are still collecting waste or transporting it to dispose of it, we are constantly concerned about safety. We’ve devised a “level fill” policy in which trucks are not overflowing with waste, to prevent spilling and harming passersby. Customers can trust our genuine intentions; we don’t capitalize on overly full skips like some companies may do to cut corners.
Compliance Guaranteed – We always conform to local authority regulations. The Tower Hamlets council prohibits the use of skips larger than 8 yards on public highways and we always keep to the rules.
Honest Service – Even though Skip Hire uses professional jargons such as cubic yards and builder’s skip, we always provide a honest service that our customers understand. We work hard at Louis Moore to explain all terms clearly to clients so that they know exactly what they are paying for and what the requirements are. Each situation is personal and we help clients by advising which skip would work best for them.
Fast Service for Skip Hire – we ensure that all of our skip hire services are delivered quickly and efficiently. We never charge extra for our speedy service. It doesn’t matter how long the project takes, it is important to us that our clients have a safe environment when the project is complete.
Fair and Transparent Pricing – Our prices are reasonable and favorably structured for our customers. We ensure that clients enjoy cost efficiency no matter the size of the waste to be disposed of. We lay our pricing charts out carefully so customers can easily understand. Call us at Skip Hire Tower Hamlets today, or get in contact via email or online at for more details.

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