Skip Hire Services at Company’s Dudley

Our skip hire services company, Skip Hire Dudley offers a full range of services in Dudley. Regardless of the level of service required, our Dudley clients receive high quality skip hire service. Our services are directed to commercial and residential clients.
We undertake complete waste removal to ensure that the property is totally cleaned up and ready for occupation quickly. Our speedy services are available to anyone in the Dudley region where we’ll assist in returning your home or property as well as the surrounding environment to the condition we found it in. When a client is moving out of their home or has completed a renovation, we can provide skip hire services to restore complete cleanliness to their property. We offer the following skip hire services –

General Waste Removal

  • Household rubbish
  • TVs
  • Tree branches and organic matter
  • Plastic materials
  • Paint tins
  • Wooden Debris
  • Outdated appliances
  • Gas Tubes
  • old tyres
  • Waste from medical procedures

Skip Hire Services by Skip Hire Dudley at Dudley

  • Verification of Location Done
  • This is an Ecofriendly Business
  • Screened References
  • Insurance for Public Liability Checked
  • Licensed to Carry Waste

Waste Removal from Construction Sites

The waste includes everything that is produced from the construction site.

All types of solid waste resulting from demolition –

  • Brick material
  • Ceramic
  • Sheetrock
  • Steel
  • Concrete by-products
  • Stones
  • Dirt
  • Ceramics
  • Excess Metal

Hazardous and Toxic Waste Removal – all disposed of in compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations Act

  • Acids
  • used oil
  • Alkaline products
  • old batteries
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Toxic pesticides
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Contaminated materials
  • Fridges

Skip Hire Geared Towards Dudley’s Commercial Clients

Skip hires services can assist clients in disposing of waste materials after a large project on their property. Commercial clients including landowners, contractors, and local authorities are provided with skip hire services to dispose of waste after a construction project or major home repair. We offer waste management methods that are environmentally friendly in order to assist our clients in reducing their carbon footprint.

Urgent Skip Hire Service

For starters, we aim to deliver our skip hire service to customers as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing an emergency, we can respond more quickly to return your space to a clean and sanitary condition. The skip hire services that we deliver are often based on time constraints set by our client’s needs.

What Our Clients Can Expect from our Climate Change in Your Home Endorsed Skip Hire Services –

Environmental impact must be a top concern when it comes to skip hire services. Due to our membership with Climate Change in Your Home , we uphold certain standards –

  • Ecofriendly Waste Disposal – We help our clients reduce their carbon footprint or impact on the environment. We are able to find ways of recovering or recycling more than 80% of the waste or have them disposed of in ways that ensure little or no impact on the environment.
  • Thorough Waste Removal – As a member of Climate Change in Your Home, we guarantee that every skip sire service we provide completely eliminates any health or environmental risk that could have been caused directly by the waste materials.
  • Our skips widely vary and can clear out all rubbish with cost efficiency.
  • We’re the Real Deal – Besides our verified location, we’re also able to advertise and deliver on environmentally sound service.

There are certain companies that call themselves skip hire services but in reality they are contractors. Some companies claim that they offer skip hire services across the nation. They turn out to be waste management firms that subcontract to local skip hire firms. Our service is completely local and we offer environmentally friendly and completely personal skip hire services to our Dudley clients.
We Have the Proper Certifications – It is easy to confirm with the Dudley Environment Agency that we hold a Waste Carrier License. This means that when it comes to safe and customer specific skip hire services in Dudley we are fully certified. We carry public liability insurance that provides our guarantee that we will deal with any loss that our clients suffer that we are responsible for, if applicable.

Heather Thompson Guarantee for Skip Hire Services in Dudley

Probity in all services -Our skips do not have any technical alterations. We always have our clients in mind and our trust is paramount.
Safety Guaranteed – From waste collection through transportation to disposal, every care is taken to ensure human safety. We’ve instituted a “level fill” policy to prevent waste materials from pouring out and causing harm to pedestrians. Our customers appreciate that we do not over pack our skips and use the appropriate sized skip unlike other companies who try to save money by increasing risk.
Compliance Guaranteed – We always conform to local authority regulations. The Dudley council prohibits the use of skips larger than 8 yards on public highways and we always keep to the rules.
Accurate Service – Skip Hire is an accurate service that deals with cubic yards, builder’s skips and other types of professional jargon. Our policy at Heather Thompson is to always ensure that we explain every technical term we use in a language that our clients will understand so that they will know exactly what they are paying for. Depending on a particular situation, we advise our client on the best skip service.
Fast Service for Skip Hire – we ensure that all of our skip hire services are delivered quickly and efficiently. We never charge extra for our speedy service. Our goal is to make sure our clients are safe regardless of the size or length of the project.
Proper and Honest Pricing – We always charge the right price and offer our customers the most reasonable prices possible. We know that cost efficiency is important to our clients and we work hard to deliver it. Our pricing is direct so clients know what they’re paying for. Reach out to us at Skip Hire Dudley via phone, email, or online at for more details about planning your service.

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