How to reduce your monthly bills

Without taking car to monitor what’s going on in your home, bills can rack up quickly and a lot of people feel as though that’s just what they’ll have to deal with. The truth is, we are all capable of controlling how high our bills are at the end of the month and there are all sorts of precautions and steps we can take towards reducing our bills and saving energy.

Get your home insulated and sealed

This is one of the easiest ways that home owners lose money, and most of the time they don’t even know it. In our home there are all sorts of cracks and holes that prevent us from managing our indoor temperature effectively. Heat seeps out and cold seeps in and no matter how high you turn up your heating or for how long you keep it on, you won’t keep your house warm unless you effectively seal your house. Heat can leak out through poor insulation, single glazed windows, ineffectively sealed windows and doors, under door cracks and through all sorts of cracks and holes we may find around our house. By fixing all of these little problems you will find that your heater warms your house a lot faster and for longer, so you won’t need to leave it on all the time. You’ll be saving energy and money at the same time.

Get your boiler checked and replaced

Sometimes you’ve got to go to the source to find the problem. A boiler that’s not working properly could potentially be wasting energy. If you own a gas boiler there are all sorts of faults and problems that may be resulting in your high bills. Sometimes a broken thermostat will result in the boiler not turning off when it’s supposed to and an old pilot light might not be burning as efficiently as it should. That’s why you should look into getting your gas boiler replaced and boiler replacement Haywards Heath can be especially easy if you use DP Gas services. Conversely, although gas boilers will save you quite a bit of money, an electric boiler is slightly better to the environment, so consider your options wisely while you tend to your old boiler.

Use water more efficiently

Most of us are at least a little bit guilty of wasting water. We might leave the tap running every now and then or take our time in the shower. Saving water is a difficult thing to do unless you’re constantly aware of how much you’re using. So, one quick way to save some water is to change your shower head. Most people know that showering compared to bathing uses far less water, but you can reduce the water you use even more by changing to an efficient shower head. These shower heads are designed to get the job done while at the same time save water and reduce how much you use without you even realising it.

Start haggling

Phone and mobile companies especially like to change the prices of their services discreetly or hide the better deals that they have on offer. If you want to reduce your monthly phone bill you’re going to have to get in touch with your inner businessman or businesswoman and start talking prices. Competition is fierce in the phone and mobile market place, so looking around and pressing a few of the right buttons could cut down your bills massively.