Here are Four Renovation Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom Experience

A few rooms in the home pack as much punch as a luxury bathroom renovation project. However, upgrading the look and feel of your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. All it takes is the strategic addition of fixtures, decors, and accessories that will make your bathroom stand out.

Renovating the bathroom is an exciting endeavour because it involves bringing together home elements usually separated into other rooms. Your bathroom renovation project may include various activities such as adding walk-in closets, vanity, plumbing fixtures, and many more. We have listed a few excellent renovation tips that will make you feel like royalty, not to mention while enhancing your residential property’s market value.

Customised walk-in baths

Luxury goes beyond aesthetics. Luxury also means achieving superior convenience and safety while taking a bath for many homeowners. Installing walk-in baths with door enclosures will allow you to enjoy a soothing soak with easier and safer access on the side. This bathroom fixture is highly customisable to your specific needs, too. You may include features such as whirlpool jets, seats, and grab bars to make it uniquely beautiful and functional.

Increase square bathroom footage

You don’t need a huge bathroom to enhance your bathing and self-care routines. However, if your current space does not match your style, it’s time for some much-needed expansion. A few extra square feet added to your existing bathroom space can make a huge difference in your overall experience. After all, your bathroom should be an oasis of luxurious calm and relaxation. Adding more space will achieve this goal and provide you with more room for indulgence. By expanding the square footage, you can add extra features such as a walk-in shower, built-in vanity, and storage solutions while still providing you with enough room to move freely.

Update storage solutions

A bathroom renovation can quickly solve disputes over limited storage space. In large households, there exists a never-ending battle for counter space. Installing space-saving cabinets under the sink or an asymmetric sink layout will provide every member of your household with their own space for their toiletries. Plus, additional storage space will ensure that your bathroom is kept clean and neat at all times.

Strategic lighting

A bathroom requires ample lighting to ensure safety and set the mood for its users. Your bathroom can significantly benefit from both natural and artificial lighting. The key to promoting a fresh and energy-filled vibe in your bathroom lies in the strategic placement of lighting fixtures and the use of windows to accommodate the entry of natural light. You may also want to install dim lights to create a relaxing ambience while soaking in the tub after a long day. If your home features high ceilings, installing a chandelier to impart a more luxurious or upscale theme to your bathroom is an excellent idea.

Regardless of your inspiration for your upcoming bathroom makeover, be sure to partner with a reputable contractor who specialises in bathroom renovations. They can help you transform your vision into reality using their advanced knowledge, technical skills, and vast network of suppliers in the industry.