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About Lancashire Drainage Lancashire

Drainage Lancashire is a professional drainage company in Lancashire. We are a privately owned and independent drainage company committed to solving all kinds of drainage problems for our clients using eco-friendly products. Because we are local, we are able to respond to our clients in Lancashire quickly and provide emergency drainage services. We assist commercial and residential properties with all of their drainage needs and are experts with dealing with environmental situations that are delicate.

Drainage Services Offered in Lancashire

We are experts in all of these drainage services:

  • Drains – including sinks, toilets and baths.
  • Drain maintenance and cleaning.
  • Drain unblocking.
  • Repairs and replacement.


  • Sewer inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Clearing sewer obstructions.
  • Sewer repairs and renovation.
  • New sewer construction.

Lancashire’s Drainage Emergency Service

Clients in Lancashire have access to our emergency drainage services. We will get things back in order with our quick response and repair service, be it a broken drain or a blocked pipe.

Industrial Drainage Services in Lancashire

We provide drainage services to commercial buildings such as offices, hospitality businesses, hospitals and schools in Lancashire. The increased exposure of people to environmental problems necessitates the use of our eco-friendly equipment and methods. Your commercial property won’t be damaged by our cautious methods, no matter how big or complicated the project is.

Drainage Lancashire, Your Lancashire agent for Climate Change in Your Home.

As one of the Climate Change in Your Home’s members, we offer these additional benefits to all of our clients:

  • Compliance – All our Lancashire drainage services are delivered to the standards of the British Environmental Protection Act (EPA).
  • Eco-friendliness – all equipment and chemicals are nontoxic, including those for drain/sewer unblocking.
  • Trenchless expertise – Our technicians specialize in using trenchless technology to refurbish sewers.
  • Trenchless technology does not damage property, produce offensive odors, or harm the environment.

The Operating Model for Drainage Lancashire

We guarantee our work at foundation levels. The chemicals and tools we use are of top-quality. We provide constant training for our staff to work with the latest, eco-friendly and efficient material to deliver top-quality service in Lancashire at all times. Our training and methods ensure that the engineers are safe all of the time. We also provide sufficient information about their health and safety as they perform their duties. We make it a point of duty to deliver eco-friendly solutions that are fast, inexpensive and durable for our clients’ drainage systems.

Drainage Lancashire Bonus Services

  • Gratis Response – No callout charges. It is our responsibility to take our service to the clients.
  • Free Inspection – We identify drainage issues at no cost to our clients, whether it’s a manual inspection or CCTV-aided assessment.
  • Free consultation – We advise our clients on best maintenance practices to ensure our professional relationship will be a lasting one.

Our Lancashire Environmentally Friendly Drainage Methods

Before we start any important drainage project, we conduct a quick and comprehensive investigation to identify the safest, and most-effective, lasting solution. Our popular environmentally friendly solutions for sewer renovations are:

  • Sewer Cleaning-To get the right results, we clean your sewers with a high-pressure water jet and vacuum system.
  • Inspection services: We utilize CCTV cameras to properly assess the situation and their high power allows us to do this without digging or physical entry.
  • Water testing with dye: We utilize safe dyeing materials to assess the overall damage and connection setup between buildings.
  • Relining of Sewer: We use cured-in-place or special inversion methods.

The materials we use for relining depend on factors like sewer condition, access points, cost considerations, and the working area. Whichever decision we take, we always use our environmentally friendly Ultra Violet lining technology to ensure efficiency and durability.

  • Lateral Drain Repair – Our eco-friendly materials can clean lateral lines of sewers located outside the property.
  • Patching – High-quality fiber glass technology patches localized cracks and holes.
  • Robotic cutting- Persistent drain blockages such as fibrous tree roots can be cleared using our efficient robotic cutting tools.
  • Domestic unblocking of drains- We adopt the use of eco-friendly solvents to unblock the drains in wash-basins, bath-tubs and W.Cs.

Drainage Lancashire Assurance

Eco-Friendly, Uncompromised Quality – We use eco-friendly tools and equipment to perform to the highest industry standards. Our pipe works follow Pipeline Development Limited guidelines and are guaranteed to last.
Availability – We are always here for you. With Drainage Lancashire, clients don’t have to “wait their turn.”
Warranty on all projects – We give a 10-year guarantee on every drainage service, depending on the type. If we are the ones responsible for any defects in your system during this guarantee period, we will come out immediately and repair the issue without a fuss.
Bespoke Service – We provide services for drainage that are custom designed for every situation. We analysis and assess the situation before determining our methods and materials for the job.
Transparency – We keep our clients in the know throughout the drainage service. We show the results of our CCTV inspection to them. We also make cost free post-service inspection videos and reports available to our clients.
Fair and Clear Pricing – Our prices are competitive. Value for money is at the centre of what we do. Before we do anything you will know what it will cost. Contact us at 0800 061 4703 or via email at contact@drainage-lancashire.uk for any drainage service in Lancashire. Or visit our website at https://drainage-lancashire.uk.

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