Double Glazing Cheshire Rolls Out New Environmentally Friendly Double Glazed Windows in Cheshire

Researchers say that double glazing dates back to the Victorian era in Scotland. To warm their homes then, homeowners used fireplaces and kitchen fire, which were, sadly, inefficient against harsh winters, especially in houses with more rooms and space. It prompted the Scots to invent double glazing, although it was not until the 40’s and 50’s that this technology became common in the US and UK.
Today, double glazing has advanced, artfully combining beauty and science to produce windows that are very energy efficient. Double Glazing Cheshire is offering extra value with its new range of environmentally-friendly double glazed windows in Cheshire. The CEO of the window manufacturing company said in an interview that the new batch incorporates elements of modern technology and trends with traditional designs “It offers consumers the benefits of double glazed windows that are echoes from the past and combines them with the environmentally-friendliness of the present model”.

How Eco-Friendly Are These New Double-Glazed Windows from Double Glazing Cheshire in Cheshire?

When asked how they ensure that the new windows are indeed eco-friendly, the CEO of the company explained that they source the materials for their double-glazed windows legally and sustainably. .”We use timber from government approved sources and suppliers,” he said, and added that “We also source the aluminium for our double-glazed aluminium windows from recycled sources. “This means that we maintain the balance and harmony of nature when producing our double-glazed windows”.
He further talked about how the company uses modern technology like Low E glass, inert gas fillings, warm-edge spacers, and solar glass to improve insulation and thermal performance. “It essentially depends on what the client wants,” he said “When your requirement is a double-glazed window with low energy consumption, you definitely want to make sure that your specifications are right and satisfied”. “It’s never a pleasant experience to receive something different from what ordered That’s why we give free consultation and survey services to all of our clients in Cheshire and ensure that we clearly understand their specification and fully meet them”.
Double Glazing Cheshire is reputed in Cheshire for its total commitment to the best quality double-glazed windows. With the company’s new range of eco-friendly windows that drastically drives down the energy bills of any home, competing firms are in for a bumpy ride this sales season. Customers who order the windows can be guaranteed that they’ll enjoy a winter a lot more amiable than what the Scots during the Victorian era had to go through.

About Double Glazing Cheshire

Double Glazing Cheshire is a leading brand in the windows industry committed to making an environmentally-friendly difference in homes in Cheshire with high-performing, energy-savings double-glazed windows. They use well trained window fabricators and installers who’re committed to producing the best quality work and they are widely experienced in different types of windows and house designs. Double Glazing Cheshire are not only committed to making different categories of double-glazed windows that maintain the eco-system, but windows that are crafted to last as well.

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