Double Glazing Bradford Announces the Release of New Green Double Glazed Windows in Bradford

The history of double glazing is often traced to Scotland during the Victorian age. To bring heat to the home, families used fireplaces and the kitchen fire Sadly, these were not enough to keep out cold drafts during extreme winters- especially in homes that had many large spaces or many rooms. It prompted the Scots to invent double glazing, although it was not until the 40’s and 50’s that this technology became common in the US and UK.
Today, double glazing has evolved, blending elegance with modern technology to give birth to windows that are very energy efficient. Double Glazing Bradford is offering extra value with its new range of environmentally-friendly double glazed windows in Bradford. “The new range,” the CEO of the window producing company said in an interview, “combines the latest technology, designs and traditional styling to give consumers the standard benefits of a double glazed window in addition to the green features of today’s productions”.

What Makes These New Double-Glazed Windows by Double Glazing Bradford in Bradford Really Green?

Reacting to a question on how the company sources materials for its double glazing windows, the CEO said that the process is always done legally and sustainably. “The wooden materials we use are from sources and materials approved by government,” he said, “And the aluminium we use for our aluminium windows are recycled”. “This means that we maintain the balance and harmony of nature when producing our double-glazed windows”.
He further talked about how the company uses modern technology like Low E glass, inert gas fillings, warm-edge spacers, and solar glass to improve insulation and thermal performance. “It is important for us that the client’s specifications are clearly understood and met,” he said “When you want a low energy-consuming double-glazed window, you surely want to make sure the specifications are right and that they’re met”. “No wants to receive a package that is different from what they ordered As a result, we give every client in Bradford free consultation and survey services to make sure we both clearly understand what they want and we’re able to supply their exact specifications”.
Double Glazing Bradford is reputed in Bradford for its total commitment to the best quality double-glazed windows. With the company’s new range of eco-friendly windows that drastically drives down the energy bills of any home, competing firms are in for a bumpy ride this sales season. Consumers who place orders for the windows can look forward to enjoying much friendlier winters than what the Scots in the Victorian age had to put up with.

Who We Are

Double Glazing Bradford is a leading brand in the windows industry committed to making an environmentally-friendly difference in homes in Bradford with high-performing, energy-savings double-glazed windows. They use a team of well trained and experienced window fabricators and installers, who are demonstrably committed and passionate about their work and versed in various window and house design styles. Double Glazing Bradford offers, not only all categories of eco-friendly double-glazed windows, but windows that are built to last.

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