Designing an Ideal Backyard for Hot Climates

Having a backyard where you can relax and enjoy is probably one of the biggest perks of owning your own home.

However, when it comes to designing the perfect oasis of peace for yourself, most people have no idea where to start and what they should include. There are simply too many things to think about, too many complex parts which need to come together to create the perfect backyard.

That’s why professionals like Pacific Dreamscapes like to share some of the best ideas they have and to help people figure out what they want and what will work depending on the climate they are in.

Here’s what works for hot climates like California.

Swimming Pools and Other Water Features

Seeing how the weather is nice and sunny throughout the year in California, most people find that having a pool in their backyard is a pretty good investment.

If you have a family and you enjoy being around water, having a swimming pool is practically a must. Depending on your budget, your preferences, and your aesthetic sensibilities, there are numerous pool types and sizes to choose from.

Most people don’t stop with just the pool, and they install some additional features like slides, hot tubs, or artificial waterfalls are all very much in demand and quite common.

The Grass

The pride of any front and back yard is certainly that lush green lawn. However, not all grass types are the same. Some species of grass are better suited for certain environments.

Hot climates mean that you will have to water your lawn a lot more than in some more moderate climate. Alternatively, picking a species of grass which will be less thirsty and more acclimated to the environment can prove to be a cost-saving measure.

Another grass option which has gained some traction in recent years is artificial grass. Once installed, artificial grass requires very little maintenance, and thanks to modern technology and production methods, it looks very realistic and can last for a very long time.


Your backyard is not complete without a place where you can sit and relax, enjoying the view and the backyard you have created for yourself. According to Avenue3 Realty, an average-sized patio can help increase your home’s curb value and have an ROI of 51.3% when and if you decide to sell your home.

When it comes to very warm climates, most backyard designers will tell you to stay away from metal furniture because metal conducts heat very well, and you may burn yourself by simply touching your backyard furniture. 

Additionally, be especially careful with glass surfaces, such as tables. When the sun shines all day, not only can it get extremely hot, it can also start a fire, if it refracts light onto something flammable like the cloth fabric or the wood parts of your furniture.

Shading is also fairly important, since staying in direct sunlight during the summer is not recommended by doctors.

The type of shading you pick comes down to personal taste or your budget. Awnings by The Outdoor Living Group are very attractive and hardwearing, but there are plenty of options, ranging from sun umbrellas to more elaborate gazebos and pavilions.

Barbecue/ Firepit

Cooking meals outdoors is one of the most fun things you can do on a warm summer evening, and installing a firepit or a barbecue is a great way to ensure that you will always have a place to do it.

Even though there are some portable barbecues on the market, nothing can beat the elegance of a barbecue built out of brick.

Even though backyard firepits are not designed for cooking meals, they look every bit as amazing and can get their fair share of use both to keep the chill of winter nights away, and to repel insects during the rest of the year.

There are just some basic ideas about creating your own ideal backyard. However, there are a lot more details and things to consider before you embark on this task, so consult a landscaping and outdoor design expert to help you.