Building Structures in Your Garden While Encouraging Wildlife to Flourish: Five Tips

Building a wildlife garden right in your backyard is possible. While you can continue to expand into your backyard with additional structures, you can encourage wildlife to flourish by choosing to sustain them with the right plants and features. You can invite birds, frogs and other small fauna into your property and create a teeming, biodiverse environment in your yard.

With biodiversity under siege due to several factors, encouraging wildlife in your backyard can be your small contribution to protecting the environment. Putting in the effort to ensure that your backyard would be a welcome retreat to these tiny creatures will not only be advantageous for your mental health but also help the larger picture.

It may seem a challenging task at first, but with a bit of elbow grease and the right plants, you can easily make your backyard an oasis in your neighbourhood.

Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your backyard teems with wildlife.

Plant more vegetation

Choose the suitable types of vegetation to plant in your backyard. There are annuals and perennials which could help you attract birds and other fauna. Based on your location, you can choose to plant asters, goldenrods, coreopsis, marigolds, columbines, salvias and sunflowers. For foliage and shade, you can also plant fruit-bearing trees at the edge of your property. These trees will also attract different species.

Build extra homes

Use reclaimed timber to create birdhouses, feeders, or other small structures that animals can use as a shelter on your property. Adding these animal homes would attract such species to make your backyard a good place where they can stay.

Incorporate a pond in your garden

You should incorporate a pond in your garden if you have the resources. Not only will these additions attract the obvious toads, but they will also be helpful for birds and other small creatures who might need a drink or a tasty meal. Also, ensure that the water doesn’t become stagnant to prevent mosquitoes from manifesting and creating problems.

Create a habitat pile

One way to attract small creatures to your backyard is to create a habitat pile. Think of it as a compost pile with a purpose. For example, arrange old wood and allow the grass to grow longer in that part of the garden to entice small creatures to make it their shelter. It can also be a food source for small predators such as birds and hedgehogs. Moreover, you can use the compost to fertilise your plants and trees.

Hold the chemicals 

One of the best ways to attract wildlife to your property is to hold the pesticides and herbicides. Instead, let the plants grow organically. Mow the grass, weed out the immediate areas for shrubs and other small plants, and put them in the compost pile. Then, let nature take its course and exercise occasional control through periodic yard clean-ups.


Attracting wildlife to your backyard may seem a difficult proposition initially, but with the right mindset, you can do it quickly. Encourage biodiversity with a few additions to your vegetation and garden layout.