Bexley’s Company Skip Hire Services

Skip Hire Bexley is a professional and comprehensive skip hire services company in Bexley. We offer a wide range of Bexley skip hire services to our clients. Our services cater to both residential and industrial clients.
Our specialists work efficiently and effectively to remove waste without disrupting the surrounding home and environment. In Bexley, we can provide service anywhere in the area quickly and with care and in sanitary conditions. Our skip hire service aids clients who are carrying out remodels or have just purchased a new home in maintaining the cleanliness of the property. Our services for skip hire include –

Removal of Waste

  • Household garbage
  • Televisions
  • Fauna
  • Plastic materials
  • Paint Containers
  • Wood
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Gas Containers
  • old tyres
  • Clinical/Medical Waste

Skip Hire Services by Skip Hire Bexley at Bexley

  • Site Verified
  • Ecofriendly Work Practice Checked and Endorsed
  • References Substantiated
  • We are Insured with Public Liability Coverage
  • We Hold a Valid Waste Carrier License

Construction Material Disposal

The waste includes everything that is produced from the construction site.

Disposal of solid waste, such as demolition rubbish

  • Old bricks
  • Tile material
  • Plasterboards
  • Steel for Construction Use
  • Bits of concrete
  • Stones
  • Soil
  • pottery
  • Scrap metal material

Removal of Hazardous and Toxic Waste according to the Hazardous Waste Regulations Act

  • Toxic chemicals
  • Oil variations
  • solutions containing alkaline
  • used batteries
  • dangerous chemicals
  • Toxic pesticides
  • Toxic pharmaceuticals
  • Materials the contain contamination
  • Old Appliances

Skip Hire Services for Bexley Commercial Clients

Clients may require skip hire services to remove waste from their premises after work or after a major project on their work premises. We offer landowners, contractors and local authorities skip hire services to take away waste at any time and in any amount. Our rubbish disposal is such that the surrounding environment remains unaffected, which are clients can feel good about in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

Urgent Skip Hire Service

As a dedicated skip hire services have built a solid business based on fast response times and quickly service delivery. In emergency cases, we’re dedicated to working even faster than usual and afterwards ensure our workspace has been returned to a clean, functional living space. The skip hire services that we deliver are often based on time constraints set by our client’s needs.

The Benefits of a Climate Change in Your Home Skip Hire

Skip hire services must be executed with great care for the environment. As an endorsed Climate Change in Your Home member, we adhere to the following –

  • Go-Green Waste Removal- We work with our clients to cut back on their carbon footprints. We’ve recycled or restored up to 80% of initial wastes in order to lessen our effect on our surroundings
  • Complete Removal of Waste – We take our membership in Climate Change in Your Home seriously and we provide our guarantee that each skip hire service we provide will fully remove any environmental or health risk that the waste materials may have caused.
  • We have different types of skips available for removing all materials in the most cost effective way.
  • We Are Who We Say We Are – Not only is our location verified, we have been confirmed to provide the ecofriendly skip hire services we offer.

Some contractors pose as companies able to offer skip hire services. This is usually the case with companies that claim to offer skip hire services nationwide. In reality they are waste management companies that subcontract skip hire companies in local areas. Our service is completely local and we offer environmentally friendly and completely personal skip hire services to our Bexley clients.
We Have the Proper Certifications – It is easy to confirm with the Bexley Environment Agency that we hold a Waste Carrier License. This means we are certified to provide thorough, safe and customer-centric skip hire services in Bexley. We come equipped with public liability insurance to ensure responsibility for any loss we may cause our client, as it applies on a case by case basis.

Get the Promise of Bexley Dorothy Brown Skip Hire Services

Candor with Each Skip – We will never charge more money than we quote or add extras to your bill. Our service is built on honesty and is focused on serving the best interests of our clients.
We Guarantee Safety – whether we are collecting waste or transporting it to disposal, we have high regard for the safety of humans. Our “level fill” policy means that none of the waste materials in the bin will fall our or injure anyone near the bin. Our customers appreciate that we do not over pack our skips and use the appropriate sized skip unlike other companies who try to save money by increasing risk.
We Guarantee our Compliance – We follow all local regulations. The council in Bexley restricts loads larger than 8 yards on public highways and we follow those rules.
Technical Service – We work in technical terms including builder’s skips and cubic yards which means we provide accurate service. Our policy at Dorothy Brown is to always ensure that we explain every technical term we use in a language that our clients will understand so that they will know exactly what they are paying for. Depending on a particular situation, we advise our client on the best skip service.
Our skip hire services always come fast and efficiently. There is no extra charge for this expedited service. We always want to ensure that our clients are left with a safe environment at the end of the project.
Our prices are affordable and are clearly charted out for customers. No matter the level of waste involved, we want our customers to receive the best pricing. Our pricing is direct so clients know what they’re paying for. Reach out to us at Skip Hire Bexley via phone, email, or online at for more details about planning your service.

Finding Us –

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Contact Name – Dorothy Brown
Name of Business – Skip Hire Bexley
Telephone – 0800 772 3859
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