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Aluminium Windows Lancashire is a construction company specialising in supplying premium quality aluminium windows in Lancashire, for domestic and industrial deployment. With a promise of resilience and quality, our aluminium windows are reflective of our years of involvement in the industry; innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence characterise who we are and what we do. Windows not only play a huge role in a house’s aesthetics, but also affect lighting and ventilation, meaning you have to pay a lot of attention to the windows you get for your house.
Aluminium Windows Lancashire offers a huge variety of sophisticated aluminium windows custom-made to fit your requirements. With each of our offerings able to blend perfectly with the rest of your home, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our range of aluminium windows include styles such as casements, bifolds, double hung, louvre windows, sliding windows, and awnings. Our aluminium window service in Lancashire is all-encompassing, entailing the provisions of essential components like glass panes, the mounting of your windows, and the maintenance.
Through our numerous years of operation in Lancashire, we have established a reputation for the delivery of value when it comes to the production and installation of aluminium glazing whose thermal performance is efficient. Some of the freebies that accompany our aluminium windows and installation solution are consultations and technical assistance, and some of the guarantees are affordability and a 10-year warranty. Consider them a gesture of our commitment to ensuring you receive nothing short of quality when you purchase our aluminium windows in Lancashire.

Eclectic collection of Colours for Your Aluminium Windows in Lancashire

Great design and colour don’t always go hand in hand. But we try to make them mutually inclusive with every order. Using the wrong colour for your aluminium windows can ruin the elegance. That’s why we have made sure that you have a massive pool of colours to choose from.
We have above two hundred different colours for you to choose for the frames of your aluminium windows. We can also produce your product with dual colour tones to create contrast between the inside and outside of your house. In addition, we can assist you in choosing befitting aluminium frame colours by studying the architecture and finishes of your building.

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

When you choose aluminium windows, you take advantage of their added benefits. Ours are built on quality to accentuate those advantages.

Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium Windows Lancashire’s aluminium windows have thermally broken aluminium frames and feature polyamide bridges to make sure your home remains at optimal temperature regardless of outside weather conditions.

Environmentally friendly

A building that has proper thermal insulation automatically earns improved energy efficiency ratings, since its ability to conserve heat and cooling translates to reduced heating and air-conditioning need and hence lower energy bills.

Durability and almost zero maintenance

Aluminium doesn’t rust, no matter the environmental conditions, and is strong and durable. While many other materials found in windows will deform, bloat, or fissure, aluminium won’t; this makes for longevity and low maintenance.

Low Cost

Aluminium frames are more cost-effective than frames made using many other materials. Aluminium Windows Lancashire’s rates highlight this quality.

Adaptable Design

With the robustness and ease of modification of aluminium, the design opportunities you get are limitless. Whatever framework your imagination cooks up for your home, our aluminium windows adjust accordingly. We’ll start working on your design as soon as we get it. You can also choose from over two hundred colours to truly make the aluminium windows your very own.

Aluminium Can Be Recycled

There are few easily recyclable metals in the world, and aluminium numbers among them. Since recycling it only requires five percent of the energy utilised in its original production, aluminium can safely be considered environmentally sustainable. Using our aluminium windows is tantamount to putting in an effort for the Earth.

Aluminium Windows Lancashire’s Personalised Aluminium Window Provision in Lancashire

Our expert designers can construct aluminium windows that reflect your personality and specifications, and it doesn’t matter if the kinds and patterns you desire are unusual. Examples of the windows we produce are sash windows, bay windows, tilt and turn windows, casement windows, and even more complicated designs. We’ll always deliver the best we can.


We give you a house call, examine the design of the property that needs our aluminium windows, pay attention to your instructions, and present you with our price estimation.


Our expert engineers develop a series of computerised designs suitable for your property and tailored to your specifications.


Once you approve our design, we start the manufacturing process using our cutting edge equipment and innovative engineers.

Set up

Our professional technicians fit your aluminium windows with precision, leaving no damage to your property throughout the process. And when we are done, a masterpiece is what we leave behind. Call us on 0800 772 0298 to order our bespoke aluminium windows in Lancashire.

Maintenance of Aluminium Windows in Lancashire

Aluminium Windows Lancashire has more to offer, apart from the installation of aluminium windows. We also do maintenance and repair, including replacing cracked, fogged, malfunctioning, or broken aluminium windows. We’ll arrive at your property by the end of the hour after you call us.

Reasons you Should Choose Aluminium Windows Lancashire

  • Our aluminium windows command value and refinement.
  • We’ll offer you a free survey and consultation.
  • Our bespoke aluminium windows will give you the exact designs you want for your home.
  • We offer competitive prices.
  • All eligible orders exceeding a large amount are rewarded with a discount.
  • We manufacture, install, and maintain aluminium windows in Lancashire.

We assist with the management and maintenance of your aluminium windows by providing you with professional advice and technical support. We’ve been working in this field for over many years. Our employees are all regularly trained to keep them on the cutting edge of aluminium window technology. Our use of innovative equipment ensures accuracy in our designs and installations. We ply our trade to Lancashire’s domestic and commercial clients. We are confident enough in our work to give all our clients a warranty for our aluminium windows.

One of Our Customers Gives a Testimonial –

“Guests at my house-warming party thought the windows were refined and artistic. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.” Mary Mitchell, Lancashire.
Give Aluminium Windows Lancashire a call for all your aluminium window needs in Lancashire and get guaranteed satisfaction.

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