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Aluminium Windows Coventry is a construction company specialising in supplying premium quality aluminium windows in Coventry, for domestic and industrial deployment. Our years of operation in the windows marketplace, our commitment to excellence, our innovative approach, and the complete satisfaction we offer our customers flow from the underlying principle on which our company was founded; aluminium windows and installation services that are great value for money. Many aspects of your house-especially the ventilation, appearance, and lighting-rely on your windows; think carefully about your choices.
Aluminium Windows Coventry’s enormous range of aluminium windows means you will find the perfect window for your needs, whatever they may be. All our windows are designed to be versatile, allowing you even more choice. We provide aluminium windows of various types, such as bifolds, awnings, double hung, sliding windows, louvre windows, and casements. The aluminium window service we have packaged for Coventry is comprehensive and can manage everything, from the supply of window parts like glass panes to the installations and servicing.
Through our numerous years of operation in Coventry, we have established a reputation for the delivery of value when it comes to the production and installation of aluminium glazing whose thermal performance is efficient. With our aluminium windows and installation package, you get affordability as well as free consultations, technical assistance, and a 10-year warranty. We use this to ensure that we provide you with the highest echelon of quality possible when fulfilling your aluminium window order in Coventry.

Assorted Colours for Your Aluminium Windows in Coventry

A flawless design is vital to the beauty of your window; so is colour. We offer you both. Using the wrong colour for your aluminium windows can ruin the elegance. Which is why we offer you such an enormous choice in colours.
We have above two hundred different colours for you to choose for the frames of your aluminium windows. You may even elect two different colours, one for the interior face of your window and the other for the exterior. We’ll also conduct a thorough inspection of your property and give you impartial advice on which type of aluminium frame colour you should pick.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows in Coventry?

When you choose aluminium windows, you take advantage of their added benefits. Ours are built on quality to accentuate those advantages.

Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium Windows Coventry’s aluminium windows are fitted with thermally broken aluminium frames with polyamide bridges to boost your home’s ability to effectively manage heat and cooling regardless of the mischievous schemes of the weather outside.

Environmentally friendly

Heat regulation reduces the strain on your heating system, reducing your energy bills at the same time.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Aluminium doesn’t rust, no matter the environmental conditions, and is strong and durable. Aluminium is much more durable than traditional materials, which means it lasts much longer and requires little maintenance.


Aluminium windows are significantly less expensive than many other kinds of windows. Aluminium Windows Coventry’s competitive pricing takes this to another level.

Flexible Design

Aluminium’s durability and plasticity make it ideal for use in any design, however unconventional. With our aluminium windows, your imagination is unleashed on your home. We’ll start working on your design as soon as we get it. Once you consider the colour options you can choose, you start seeing how truly customizable our aluminium windows can be.

Aluminium Can Be Recycled

There are few easily recyclable metals in the world, and aluminium numbers among them. In addition, it is environmentally sustainable in the sense that the energy expenditure of its recycling is ninety-five percent lower than that of its initial fabrication. When you use aluminium windows, you’re saving the Earth.

A Coventry Leading Aluminium Windows Provider – Aluminium Windows Coventry

Our expert designers can construct aluminium windows that reflect your personality and specifications, and it doesn’t matter if the kinds and patterns you desire are unusual. Is it a fixed window? A casement window? A sash window? A bay window? A tilt and turn? Or do you need a more intricate application? We will always live up to expectations.


We’ll pay you a visit at your construction site or house in Coventry, inspect your structure, take your needs into consideration, and then provide you with a cost approximation.

We Design

Our expert technicians will design a computer outline for your structure’s windows after taking your specifications into account.


We present you with the designs for your approval, after which we proceed to fabricating your aluminium windows, utilising our advanced gear and dexterous engineers.

Set up

Our professional technicians fit your aluminium windows with precision, leaving no damage to your property throughout the process. You will definitely be satisfied once we’re done with your home. Call 0800 772 0298 now for your bespoke aluminium windows in Coventry.

Our Maintenance Service for Aluminium Windows in Coventry

We offer several services beyond window production and installation. We can also maintain your aluminium windows, which means that we can rectify any fault in your aluminium windows. You give us a call and we arrive within the next hour.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows Coventry’s Aluminium Windows

  • Our aluminium windows will give you excellence and sophistication.
  • We’ll offer you a free survey and consultation.
  • We customize our aluminium windows so they are designed exactly to your tastes.
  • Our prices are affordable.
  • We’ll give you a discount on every qualifying money you spend.
  • We produce, install, and repair Coventry aluminium windows.

We assist with the management and maintenance of your aluminium windows by providing you with professional advice and technical support. We’ve been working in this field for over many years. We employ only expert technicians and installers, and we frequently reinforce their skills with innovative routine training and learning exercises. We use the best equipment available so we can meet our own exacting standards. Our aluminium windows are available to both residential and commercial structures in Coventry. With our aluminium windows and installations, you get a warranty.

Here Is the Evidence of the Customer Satisfaction We Promise

“I received dozens of compliments for my windows once I moved into my new house. You did a truly amazing job!” Doris Roberts, Coventry.
For your refined aluminium windows in Coventry, call Aluminium Windows Coventry.

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