Aluminium Windows Birmingham is a construction company specialising in supplying premium quality aluminium windows in Birmingham, for domestic and industrial deployment. Our products and services exude quality and sophistication, in no small part due to our experience of years in our field – there’s a reason we’ve survived for this long. The windows in a house affect its aesthetics, lighting, and ventilation, making it a must for you to think long and hard before deciding on any particular type of window style for your house.
Aluminium Windows Birmingham’s enormous range of aluminium windows means you will find the perfect window for your needs, whatever they may be. All our windows are designed to be versatile, allowing you even more choice. We provide aluminium windows of various types, such as bifolds, awnings, double hung, sliding windows, louvre windows, and casements. Our company offers an exhaustive service package for Birmingham clients, catering to hardware supply e.g. glass panes, window installation, and even window maintenance.
Through our numerous years of operation in Birmingham, we have established a reputation for the delivery of value when it comes to the production and installation of aluminium glazing whose thermal performance is efficient. Some of the freebies that accompany our aluminium windows and installation solution are consultations and technical assistance, and some of the guarantees are affordability and a 10-year warranty. Consider them a gesture of our commitment to ensuring you receive nothing short of quality when you purchase our aluminium windows in Birmingham.

Assorted Colours for Your Aluminium Windows in Birmingham

Great design and colour don’t always go hand in hand. But we try to make them mutually inclusive with every order. Aluminium window’s elegance can be utterly ruined by a poor colour choice. Because of that, we have organised an immense assortment of colours that assures the availability of the hue you want.
Our aluminium window frames are available in over two hundred colours. You may even elect two different colours, one for the interior face of your window and the other for the exterior. We also inspect your property to understand the architecture and finishes and offer you unbiased advice on what aluminium frame colours would be ideal for it.

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are generally more advantageous than traditional windows. The quality of our builds enhances these benefits.

Thermal Efficiency

We at Aluminium Windows Birmingham use aluminium frames that have been thermally broken and use polyamide bridges which ensure that the window has insulating properties so your house doesn’t have to affected by external weather conditions.

Energy Saving Capability

Temperature regulation means you use less energy to heat or cool your home, leading to a reduction of your carbon footprint and reduced energy bills.

Resilience and Low Maintenance

Aluminium tends to survive exposure to even the harshest environmental conditions relatively unscathed. While many other materials found in windows will deform, bloat, or fissure, aluminium won’t; this makes for longevity and low maintenance.


Aluminium frames are more cost-effective than frames made using many other materials. Aluminium Windows Birmingham’s rates highlight this quality.

Flexible Design

With the robustness and ease of modification of aluminium, the design opportunities you get are limitless. You can unleash your imagination if you opt for our aluminium window frames. We’ll start working on your design as soon as we get it. Throw in the abundance of colour selections into the mix and what you get is true customisation.

Aluminium Can Be Recycled

Aluminium occupies one of the top spots in the list of metals with the highest recycling potential. Recycling it takes only a fraction of the power used in creating it, which makes it highly environmentally sustainable. When you use aluminium windows, you’re saving the Earth.

Aluminium Windows Birmingham Bespoke Aluminium Windows in Birmingham

However peculiar the frameworks and types of aluminium windows you require are, our proficient engineers will contrive designs that meet your personal need and preference. We produce a variety of window styles such as sash, bay, casement, tilt and turn, and we also design more complex windows. We’ll always deliver the best we can.


We visit your home or construction site in Birmingham, survey the structure you need windowed, listen to your specifications, and give you a price estimate.


Our proficient designers will architect a line-up of CAD illustrations that are compatible with your house and meet your criteria.

Aluminium Window Production

As soon as you approve the designs, we begin the manufacturing, leveraging innovative equipment and highly-skilled technicians.

Aluminium Window Installations

Our professional technicians fit your aluminium windows with precision, leaving no damage to your property throughout the process. The finished product, we assure you, will be monumental and sublime. Call us on 0800 772 0298 to order our bespoke aluminium windows in Birmingham.

Aluminium Window Maintenance in Birmingham

We offer several services beyond window production and installation. We can also maintain your aluminium windows, which means that we can rectify any fault in your aluminium windows. Call us and we will be at your place in an hour.

Why Aluminium Windows Birmingham’s Aluminium Windows Are Perfect for Your Home

  • Our aluminium windows will give you excellence and sophistication.
  • We don’t charge you for consultations and inspections.
  • You get personalised designs for your home when you order our bespoke aluminium windows.
  • Our prices are affordable.
  • All eligible orders exceeding a large amount are rewarded with a discount.
  • We produce, install, and repair Birmingham aluminium windows.

We assist with the management and maintenance of your aluminium windows by providing you with professional advice and technical support. We have built our reputation from the ground up in the last few years. We regularly vet and train all our employees to ensure you always get the best out of them. We wield advanced gear to guarantee precision in our work. Our provision of aluminium windows in Birmingham supports both residential and industrial buildings. We give you a guarantee of with each of our products and services.

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“I received dozens of compliments for my windows once I moved into my new house. You did a truly amazing job!” Rebecca Mitchell, Birmingham.
Give Aluminium Windows Birmingham a call for all your aluminium window needs in Birmingham and get guaranteed satisfaction.

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