What approvals do I need?

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What approvals do I need?

This section covers the consents you may need to obtain if you are considering making changes to respond to potential climate change impacts. The section also provides some principles to consider when carrying out repair and alteration work to traditional buildings.

Before making changes to your home always check with the local planning authority to see if the building is listed, in a conservation area, or if other planning controls are in place. The local planning authority will be able to explain the implications of the changes you have in mind.

Listed buildings, scheduled monuments and buildings in conservation areas are all subject to greater controls on development than other buildings.

Trees and woodland subject to tree preservation orders (TPOs) may not normally be topped, lopped or felled without the consent of the local planning authority. Further guidance on TPOs is available at www.planningportal.gov.uk of course talking to a professional tree surgeon would also be useful.

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If you tell us where you live in England and when your house was constructed we can provide more specific information about the potential effects of climate change on your home. We can also provide you with more detailed information on how to save energy to reduce carbon emissions.


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