Responding to climate change impacts

Responding to climate change impacts

Most houses will be able to withstand the majority of climate change impacts without any significant alteration being needed. Increased vigilance with maintenance inspections so that your house is kept in good repair should be sufficient to withstand most of the problems likely to arise.

However, there may be situations where some form of adaptation will be necessary that could have an impact on the appearance of your house. Such work may include the adaptation of rainwater drainage to allow heavy rainfall to be discharged more quickly. Works such as this may require approval from the local planning authority depending whether the building is listed or in a conservation area.

General maintenance and repairs using materials that closely replicate existing are unlikely to require consent. If in doubt consult your local planning authority.

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If you tell us where you live in England and when your house was constructed we can provide more specific information about the potential effects of climate change on your home. We can also provide you with more detailed information on how to save energy to reduce carbon emissions.


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