Rainwater & grey water recovery

Rainwater and grey water recovery

Rainwater recovery is the collection of rain from gutters. The rainwater can then filtered and treated before being stored in a tank until it is needed.

Grey water is waste water that has been used in the home for washing, bathing or in the kitchen. A grey-water system is independent of the regular waste-water system and after filtration and microbial digestion the water can be re-used.

Q. What can they be used for?

A. The use of rainwater and grey water can be used for the garden, toilet flushing and washing in place of water from the mains. 

Q. How much does a system cost?

A. It depends on the size and complexity of the system. It could involve a simple water butt fed from one of the rainwater down-pipes. Alternatively a grey water system for flushing toilets and washing will need a storage tank and treatment system.

Q. Can all homes have grey water or rainwater systems for domestic cleaning and toilet flushing?

A. There would need to be space to accommodate the storage tank and associated treatment equipment for the water.

Q. Do these systems require much maintenance?

A. A simple water butt does not require much maintenance but a grey-water system used for flushing toilets and washing would need rather more.

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