Questions for research

Questions for research

To be sure we know the best means of improving the current housing stock, and of building the most efficient new stock, we need to understand how homes use energy, and which adaptations are the most effective. There may well be different answers for different types of building.

As a first step, English Heritage is beginning a long-term research programme called ‘Hearth and Home’.  This includes a broad programme of research, practical advice and policy development. The key activities in the past year (2009/2010) have included:

  • Research into the thermal performance of traditional sash windows. The results showed that even the simplest repairs and improvements bring significant reductions in draughts and heat loss.
  • The development of a database of in-situ measured thermal performance characteristics for a range of typical traditional building materials and systems.
  • The development of a protocol for monitoring the energy performance of existing domestic housing.
  • Completion of a pilot study to develop a decision making matrix to help users take informed decisions on energy saving improvements.
  • Completion of a scoping study into energy consumption in the pre-1919 English housing stock. 


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If you tell us where you live in England and when your house was constructed we can provide more specific information about the potential effects of climate change on your home. We can also provide you with more detailed information on how to save energy to reduce carbon emissions.


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