Insulating Roofs

Insulating roofs

It is a well known fact that warm air rises, so the roof of a building is a good place to start with insulation. It is also one of the easiest places to add insulation to most buildings. This section looks at the various roof types found with older buildings and the ways insulation might be added.

For most roofs placing insulation above the ceiling of the top floor can be easily and cheaply achieved.

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For buildings with rooms in the roof space insulation can be added either above, between or beneath the sloping rafters. However, the building might pose certain limitations which may mean not all the options are possible.

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Many older buildings have areas of flat roof, typically over extensions or porches. Insulating these areas of roof can in many cases be quite difficult so care is needed to make sure the work is effective and does not cause problems.

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Older buildings often have dormer windows which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. If you are considering insulating the main roof then it would be advisable to consider insulating any dormer windows as well. However, dormer windows can have very small amounts of space available for insulation so you may be quite limited in what you can achieve.

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If you have thatch as a roofing material you may not need to consider adding any insulation to your roof as the thatch if well maintained will already have good insulation properties.

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