Welcome to Climate Change and Your Home a website designed to help you understand more about the potential impacts of climate change and ways to save energy if you own or manage an older home

Whole Home Energy Toolkit. To help you make the right energy saving option for your home.

Climate change in context

Find out about the science of climate change, what the Government is doing and what it means for the historic environment
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Climate impacts

Discover how the changing climate might affect older buildings and what you can do to minimise the potential problems
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Saving energy

Improve the energy efficiency of your home in ways which are sympathetic to its historic character
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Further information

Includes contact details, further reading and useful links
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Tell us about your home and customise this site

If you tell us where you live in England and when your house was constructed we can provide more specific information about the potential effects of climate change on your home. We can also provide you with more detailed information on how to save energy to reduce carbon emissions.


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