Energy Performance Certificates


Energy Performance Certificates

The requirement to produce a Home Information Pack when marketing a property was suspended from 21 May 2010. However, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are still required. Sellers need to have or to have commissioned but not necessarily received an EPC before marketing a property. EPCs are valid for ten years.

Most traditionally constructed homes are capable of improvement and English Heritage supports the government’s aims to improve energy efficiency in buildings. To avoid unintended harm to the building, however, it is important that work is carefully planned and carried out. English Heritage has therefore produced three interim guidance notes to help Energy Assessors to assess the energy performance of historic and traditionally constructed homes.

Energy Performance Certificates for historic and traditional homes

Energy Performance Certificates for Historic and Traditional Homes


Advice for Domestic Energy Assessors

Advice for Domestic Energy Assessors


Understanding SAP ratings for historic and traditional homes

Understanding SAP Ratings for Historic and Traditional Homes

Although Home Inspectors and Energy Assessors have been specifically trained, their assessments of historic and traditional buildings are based on a number of assumptions that may be inappropriate. In addition, their reports will not contain the level of detailed survey that is needed before making specific recommendations. Moreover, many of today’s modern construction methods and materials are unsuitable for older buildings. If thoughtlessly applied they could not only destroy important features, but could ultimately lead to damp and condensation problems.


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