Climate impacts

The impact of climate change on your home

This part of the website looks at the ways climate change might affect houses of traditional construction, what problems these impacts may cause and what you can do to minimise the adverse effects.

If you would like to see more detailed information on how climate change might impact on your house and the climate predictions for your region go to:

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Responding to the impacts of climate change is commonly referred to as adaptation. Adaptation is the climate change term for actions which are taken to minimise effects (for example improving drainage to cope with heavier rainfall). 

The projections show that buildings are likely to be affected in some particular ways:

  • More ground flooding (rainstorms and rising sea levels)
  • More rain penetration (rainstorms and windiness)
  • Subsidence (drier summers)
  • Overheating (higher temperatures, especially in summer)

The impacts of climate change on buildings and gardens are explored here under four headings:

  • Wind and storms
  • Flooding and ground water
  • Temperature and sunlight
  • Rainfall

Weather damage graph

‘Adaptation is the only response available for the [climate change] impacts that will occur over the next several decades before mitigation measures can have an effect’.

The Stern Review

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